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24 essential AI tools for marketing news

24 essential AI tools for marketing

The marketer in 2023 cannot do without the relevant AI tools. From promoting their brands and businesses to gathering competitors’ intelligence and gaining an upper hand, these tools have become pivotal in helping marketers achieve their goals faster and at scale.

We analyze and review the top 24 AI tools that are a must-have for marketers.


SummarAlze repurposes your content from audio and video into engaging, shareable social posts, email content, summaries, quotes and more is a product design and collaboration platform for data teams. It helps enterprises grasp their business needs and validate product ideas before committing to building complicated and costly data pipelines.


Robin AI is a revolutionary new platform that uses advanced artificial intelligence to automate the top of the sales funnel for businesses. Robin AI writes and sends emails from your email address, adjusting the copy based on the lead information.


Quicklines is an AI-powered cold outreach assistant that helps scale your cold email campaigns. It has an in-depth social scraping feature and natural language first-line writing platform that can be used to create personalized cold emails that get more replies.


iContact was built to take the pain out of email marketing. Its easy-to-use tools help businesses grow their audience, design beautiful emails, personalize messages and automate communications.

Ensures high deliverability rates by testing emails for spam with our free email spam checker and deliverability testing tool.


It is a personalised AI Cold Email Outreach that allows one to automate their entire lead generation in one click therefore saving time and increasing the outreach ROI


ConvertKit is the go-to marketing hub for creators that helps one grow and monetize their audience with ease.


Sendinblue, now brevo, is the platform that helps you build customer relationships across email, SMS, chat, and more. allows you to pitch your services, run entire campaigns, and scale your agency. is a web-app for digital marketers to effectively plan, collaborate, execute, and optimize every bit of your marketing. It equips digital marketers with what is needed to succeed, saving you precious time while giving a true startup-friendly pricing.

Cresta AI

Cresta turns real-time insights into real-time actions to make contact centers smarter and drive business results. It uses generative AI to provide dynamic, real-time guidance to sales and service agents based on the best practices of your top performers, and let managers see and track every conversation and agent progress to create personalized coaching plans.


Quickchat AI empowers companies to build their own Multilingual AI Assistants powered by generative AI models such as GPT. Thanks to our powerful integrations and API they can add the power of conversational AI to any website, product, app, game or smart device.


Ferret is an AI platform architected from the ground up to empower companies and individuals with real-time, unbiased intelligence to identify risks and embrace opportunities.


Xembly is an AI Chief of Staff that supports individuals and teams by automating many tasks like scheduling meetings, capturing accurate meeting notes among others therefore helping users reach their productivity potential at work.


Qatalog is the world’s first Intelligent Work Hub. Our mission is to allow every business to work the way it wants, with bespoke software that centralizes people, processes and knowledge. It’s structured and seamlessly connected, meaning work becomes visible, processes are automated, and collaboration is supercharged. Made-to-measure and built to last, it adapts to the changing needs of the business.

Scale AI

The Scale Generative AI Platform leverages your enterprise data to customize powerful base generative models to safely unlock the value of AI. The Scale Data Engine consists of all the tools and features you need to collect, curate and annotate high-quality data, in addition to robust tools to evaluate and optimize your models.


Reclaim is an AI scheduling automation app that finds the best time for your meetings, tasks, habits, & breaks.


Artificial Intelligence powered phone system with natural language understanding to help your customers communicate with your business more intuitively. is a generative AI Platform for enterprise sales teams that personalizes content using data unique to your business and your prospects. From your inbox, sales engagement platform or LinkedIn, easily creates first drafts of content that is optimized for engagement with your prospects.

Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensei, is an AI and machine learning technology from Adobe that helps customers create, deliver, and optimize digital experiences by streamlining creative workflows, accelerating business and document processes, and providing enterprises with data-driven insights to enhance digital marketing efforts and personalize customer experiences.

Poly Ai

PolyAI builds enterprise conversational assistants that carry on natural conversations with customers to solve their problems. Our conversational assistants understand customers, regardless of what they say or how they say it.

Predict AI believes in harnessing the true potential of machine learning to refine and enhance human decision-making, rather than replacing it entirely. By leveraging the power of big data and sophisticated machine learning algorithms, enables hedge funds to accurately forecast the probability of profitable trades for their next investment decisions.


Pencil is the AI Ad Generator that helps brands & agencies create new ad variations 10 times faster. With Pencil, you get the ultimate combination of creative humans and generative AI. Pencil allows you to connect your data and assets, generate new static & video ad creatives, and get insights and predictions.


Rationale is an AI tool that assists business owners, managers, and individuals in making tough decisions. Simply enter a pending decision or indecisive options, our latest GPT and in-context learning algorithms will list pros and cons, generate a SWOT analysis, conduct multi-criteria analysis or causal analysis to help you weigh your options.

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