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[Marketing Report Cannes] Interview with Pepe Marais (Joe Public)

[Marketing Report Cannes] Interview with Pepe Marais (Joe Public)

Marketing Report is live in Cannes, speaking to key players in the market every day. Today we welcome in our studio Pepe Marais , founder and owner of Joe Public United, the largest independent advertising agency in Africa, with offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Amsterdam and Antwerp. Pepe introduces the African-European growth strategy.

Pepe Marais, Founder, Joe Public United:  ''In South Africa, I love the take away model, I mean, that made me give up my day job and without any money, started the business from the scratch. But in South Africa we grew out of the model and almost became more  traditional because of complex market - to put all the offerings in the menu was difficult. So what we're doing now, is re introducing take away in South Africa because its working so well out of Amsterdam, so were re launching that in South Africa and then what we're starting to look at while in Cannes, is we're starting to look at take and Joe Public  beyond just the European market and the South African market. So doing collab between Europe and Africa, and bringing something together out of those two entities and taking it beyond, that's the dream.''

Listen to this interesting interview here:

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