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VENGEAN develops global branding for Nippon Express' healthcare division news

VENGEAN develops global branding for Nippon Express' healthcare division

In close collaboration with the Nippon Express Global Team in Tokyo and regional offices for EMEA, APAC and the USA, VENGEAN was responsible for the leading global logistics provider’s pharmaceutical division’s rebranding and subsequent renaming to Nippon Express Healthcare.

The operation – which involved brand positioning, naming and a tailored 360-degree communication concept for the division within the “We find the way” global brand construct, is part of the brand’s on-going expansion of its high-quality services for the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries, which includes new, state of the art GMP warehousing facilities around the world and an extensive offering of tailored solutions involving innovative technology for temperature-controlled storage and transportation.

Jasper van Oudenhoven, General Manager Sales Strategy Division, Global Business HQ, Tokyo: "Clearly branding our global healthcare division helps us solidify our competitive proposition toward the future. In doing so, we have emphasised the shared purpose we have with our clients, which is ultimately to care for and improve the lives of patients. Providing speed and high quality of service when and where it impacts peoples’ lives."

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