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[Vacancies] Springbok is looking for a Social Media Manager (Native Dutch) in Mechelen vacancies

[Vacancies] Springbok is looking for a Social Media Manager (Native Dutch) in Mechelen

How you will fill the world with positive and meaningful social media content

We make good brands bigger and big brands better. Things are about to change on our planet. Radically. With a different way of consuming, working and living, brands can make a difference. For the good. That is why we want to help our brands to achieve a lot more than just profit. And that is where you step in. 

Entering the savanna of Mechelen comes with a warning

Of course, as an experienced Social Media Manager, you are not waiting for a standard job description. After all, you know what's on your "to do" list. But please be warned, Springboks are a different kind of breed. We call ourselves Connected Creatives. Chances are, you might team up with people you have never worked with before.

Laurens  (Copywriter): “Working at Springbok means working with different clients and especially with different people. Everyone brings their own expertise to the table and the end result only gets better. That gives me a boost every time.” 

Tatiana (UI Designer): “There are many opportunities for personal development and for realising your ambitions. Do you want to work in a multidisciplinary way or do you want to specialise in one area? If you come up with a good plan, it is often possible.”

Anneleen (Content Creator): “Social at Springbok is more than just the social team. Together with the strategic and creative department we always look for new insights for our brands. So there are a lot of opportunities to really make a difference. And reinvent the social media rulebook.”

How your day looks at the savanna:

At Springbok, you get trust, responsibility and freedom. Of course you are a team player, but that doesn't stop you from working independently and setting your priorities. You know what you have to do. And that's first and foremost creating and publishing awesome content.

So, you …

  • execute social media campaigns for our BENELUX clients.
  • monitor the effects of each campaign with the right tools like Falcon, Sprinklr, Facebook Business Manager, LinkedIn Campaign Manager, …
  • execute a social content strategy and develop an editorial calendar.
  • develop social content, style, and layout - together with the strategy and design teams.
  • are responsible for the community management of the brand pages.
  • write some great copy lines in Dutch and perform some small visual adaptations.


For all this knowledge and enthusiasm you will receive a good salary and a good balance between working at home, at the office or by the Mediterranean Sea. You get an e-bike or other mobility solution to get around in a fun and sustainable way. The latest smartphone and computer that we provide, are part of your toolbox for building successful campaigns. And if you want to get even more flexible, you can join our Monday fitness bootcamps.

So, are you ready to fill the world with positive and meaningful social media content? Then apply now!

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